The Captive Nightingale:

Recent International release on Signum Records featuring rare and newly re-discovered works for Piano, Voice & Clarinet is receiving great coverage in the press!

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In Performance:

‘The Shepherd and the Mermaid ‘ Concert – Australian CD release concert – Sydney : 14th March 2012

“Elena Xanthoudakis gives each song the full feeling they are due in a very intuitive way, which is very refreshing to hear. She has a powerful, full, yet sensitive voice, able to build up and sustain quite a volume”

“her heroines (and heros) are always bright-eyed and interesting, having much address. Her voice is bright, energetic, with an interesting texture nearer the shining raw silkend of the spectrum than the velvet, with a subtle vibrato and taught trills. Her understanding detail and nuance in the phrasing of the music speaks to her sensibility as well as the thorough research, rehearsal and no doubt endless takes the group has gone through for the recording, knowing the music inside and out”

“As for historical performance practice, one of the most important things to get right, as Nikolaus Harnoncourt has pointed out, is to capture afresh in the present day the original spirit of the music, that in which it was inspired and composed and first performed, and I felt their honestly and sensitively attuned performance did this.”

Andrew Miller – The Berkshire Review – March 2012

The Shepherd and the Mermaid:

TrioKROMA CD – ‘The Shepherd and the Mermaid’ Reviews – 2012

The Shepherd and the Mermaid Elena Xanthoudakis, Jason Xanthoudakis, Clemens Leske

…very appealing singing of Elena Xanthoudakis whose warm, flexible sound suits both the wistfulness of these songs and their stylised yodels.” **** 4 Stars

ABC LIMELIGHT Magazine review and Interview – April 2012

‘Their playing is filled with a properly Romantic yearning, warmth, clarity, a fine musical understanding and considerable intimacy…An unexpected pleasure’

‘The Plangent tones of the Clarinet are in gorgeous contrast to the warmth and tenderness of the soprano..’ **** 4 Stars

Clive Timms – THE AGE – 21th April 2012

Immaculately performed and produced, this is music that deserves much greater exposure.

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